Grow confident with compliance. 🌿 New legalizations bring new regulation.

Maintaining compliance with cannabis regulations is essential to preserving your reputation and your license to operate. The right equipment can save time and money.

High Yield Solutions Corp. is here to help as a leading US manufacturer of Industrial Cannabis Shredding and processing equipment. We have significant experience with cannabis waste applications and decades of experience building industrial strength shredders along with industry knowledge to provide confidence with industrial waste compliance.

Roi Tool displayed on Laptop Cannabis Waste Shredder Plant Muncher

Although regulation varies state to state, in general, cannabis waste must be handled in a way that meets three disposal requirements:
1. Must be rendered unusable and unrecognizable.
2. Must be incorporated with non-cannabis waste—the leftover mixture must be at least 50% non-marijuana waste.
3. Must be disposed of as non-compostable waste (in a landfill), compostable waste, incinerated, or anaerobic digestion.

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